Titan Smokescreen Backs CCHI 2014

The California Cannabis & Hemp Initiative 2014 is now collecting signatures (500,000+ needed by 2/24/14) to qualify for the 2014 California Ballot. Also known as The Jack Herrer Initiative, after the legendary late marijuana activist, it is intended to #endtheprohibition on ALL forms of cannabis & hemp – whether for medical, recreational or industrial use.


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Although supporters will be hitting the streets with these petitions soon – DON’T WAIT!

In spite of its shortcomings, The CCHI 2014 is our best bet to #endtheprohibition; and when I say that I mean – COMPLETE & TOTAL freedom for all cannabis/hemp and its uses regardless of whether its for medical, recreational or industrial – and so did Jack.

California (& Californians!) started THIS Revolution, yet we run the risk of being out manuevered and then co-opted by the very same people/organizations that we are fighting against. 2 cases, in point.

Colorado’s new law tacks an astounding 25% TAX on all sales – above & beyond the normal sales taxes, etc… No other product, even high-end “luxury” items, are subjected to such usery. Politicians manipulated both good intentioned citizens and the industry to accept this or lose any chance for passage. Don’t think that cash strapped Sacramento & local municipalities won’t try the same thing in California. CCHI 2014 eliminates this – “…Prohibits any and all taxation of medicinal cannabis, and expands the accessibility of medicinal cannabis used in accordance with Proposition215. Prohibits cities and counties from imposing discriminatory, excessive, or prohibitive zoning requirements and fees on cannabis outlets.  …”

Now, medicinals get special treatment – and that’s as it should be; but this may actually become the more deadly trap for California (and ALL future decriminalization and legalization throughout the U.S.). California started this revolution but has been slow to capitalize (in all senses of the word) on that promising begining, which has given many in Big Pharma et al. the opportunity to push in a PURELY MEDICINAL direction that they can manipulate and control.

The upshot-you awake in November 2014 & RECREATIONAL USE IS STILL ILLEGAL but they’ve also tightened the rules to qualify for medicinal use. Illinois, for example, has a set list of 33 ailments and has to process through several doctors & bureaucrats before you can buy/use. As any Californian with a Rec Letter will tell you, that’s a far cry from what we do now. And polls show that a lot agree that even the current system is too restrictive.

As important as medicinal cannabis is, The Revolution is to #endtheprohibition on ALL uses of cannabis/hemp – PERIOD! That’s what Jack Herrer believed in – and so do I .

The CCHI 2014 isn’t perfect – nothing is, but it does – simply & fairly – #endtheprohibition BEFORE big money/special interest and politicians divert us from our real purpose.

CCHI 2014 is already in California Collectives & Smoke Shops – PLEASE take some of your very precious time to make the effort to safeguard YOUR RIGHT to enjoy AS YOU SEE FIT. Don’t rely on accidentally finding a circulator on the street or we all might miss out. At this point, we don’t know how many competeing proposals we may be faced with. I can’t imagine a quicker, simpler fix that will keep the greed mongers at bay – at least in the near/mid term.

Here’s the CCHI 2014 Media Kit in PDF (electronic info kit): http://www.cchi2014.org/media.html



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