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Titan Smokescreens are GREAT for use in Vaporizers!                                             They last a REALLY LONG TIME! and we all know what a pain it can be to change out the screen in a vape. A lot of vapes take the 5/8″ or 3/4″ size screens, BUT… some require a larger, 1″, size. AND YOU’VE BEEN ASKING FOR IT! So, we listened.

Introducing the Titan VapeScreen!

Same Safer Healthier Longer Lasting High Temp Stainless Steel in a 1″ size.   Designed Specifically for Vaporizers that need a larger pipe screen.

Same Higher Melting Point, No Chemical Coatings, Tighter Mesh,                          Larger Diameter Wire and a MUCH Better Corrosion Resistance Level than ordinary brass or steel pipe screens with a COOL NEW LOOK!                                                    to set YOUR Titan VapeScreen apart from All The Others.

Ideal for use with not only Vaporizers but ANY Water Pipe. Why?                       Because a Better Corrossion Resistance Level means that water/liquids               WON’T corrode your Titan VapeScreen/Smokescreen the way it will ordinary pipe screens.

So look for the Specially Marked Packages of Titan VapeScreen at YOUR local Retailer

’till next we meet, BE HAPPY.R

Titan VapeScreen Logo

Titan VapeScreen Logo



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