Full Melt Experience

With all the myriad ways of consuming cannabis nowadays, we’re always hearing about new ones. We recently heard about a new way to use metal pipe screens.

It’s all part of the Full Melt experience – if you’re not familiar (like we weren’t), its a gooey concentrate that literally leaves nothing behind (well, close enuf to nothing).

Once you’ve viewed the video, you’ll see how the screen comes into play.

Now, since you’re applying a high heat, Titan Smoke/VapeScreens are Ideal;              they’ll distribute the heat more evenly = better burn & they’ll Last Longer!

Unlike ordinary 5-in-a-bag-for-a-$Buck cheapos, Titan Smoke/VapeScreens are Healthier (NO Chemical Coatings! no need to “burn” your screen before use);             they have a Higher Melting Point, tighter weave & larger diameter wire – which means they’re also Safer & Longer Lasting- they’re also Self-Repairing.

Check out the video & post your “Full Melt Experience” vids/pics on any of our social sites including www.YouTube.com/titansmokescreen , Google+, FB, Twitter & Instagram. #healthyhappysmoke #titansmokescreen


Full Melt Video Link – click photo




Greet Our Newest Retailer

Welcome to:

Mary Jane’s Place – 1807 N. Main St., L.A., CA 90031 – (323) 225-0575                        Near The Brewery & San Antonio Winery North of Downtown.

Great Neighborhood Smoke Shop; Friendly & Knowledgeable.


Mary Jane’s Place

Vaporizer News – New Product

Titan Smokescreens are GREAT for use in Vaporizers!                                             They last a REALLY LONG TIME! and we all know what a pain it can be to change out the screen in a vape. A lot of vapes take the 5/8″ or 3/4″ size screens, BUT… some require a larger, 1″, size. AND YOU’VE BEEN ASKING FOR IT! So, we listened.

Introducing the Titan VapeScreen!

Same Safer Healthier Longer Lasting High Temp Stainless Steel in a 1″ size.   Designed Specifically for Vaporizers that need a larger pipe screen.

Same Higher Melting Point, No Chemical Coatings, Tighter Mesh,                          Larger Diameter Wire and a MUCH Better Corrosion Resistance Level than ordinary brass or steel pipe screens with a COOL NEW LOOK!                                                    to set YOUR Titan VapeScreen apart from All The Others.

Ideal for use with not only Vaporizers but ANY Water Pipe. Why?                       Because a Better Corrossion Resistance Level means that water/liquids               WON’T corrode your Titan VapeScreen/Smokescreen the way it will ordinary pipe screens.

So look for the Specially Marked Packages of Titan VapeScreen at YOUR local Retailer

’till next we meet, BE HAPPY.R

Titan VapeScreen Logo

Titan VapeScreen Logo



And Now For Something Completely Different…

As I mention in Here We Grow Again, growth comes in many ways.

We are pleased to announce a Fun New Product                                                   Limited Edition Titan Smokescreen Earrings!

These earrings are Delightfull Fashion Items in themselves,                                         but they also have a practical side.                                                                             Each earring includes in its design an ACTUAL Titan Smokescreen!

Now, the point isn’t really to provide a pipe screen for use- but in a pinch…

This IS Fashion Jewelry. Just like rings with leafs, or spoons, beltbuckles, etc…         each design subtly incorporates your Titan Smokescreens.

These Limited Edition Earrings are currently                                                              ONLY AVAILABLE AT:                                                                                                      Both Brazil Discount Tobacco Locations                                                                 visit Find A Retailer for location details

I’m including some photos, but designs will change -


Crystals- various colors





Let us know what you think.    Comments & Suggestions Welcome             Purchases, even better.

’till next we meet. Be Happy!


What Are The Dangers Of Pipe Screen Use?

This is a GREAT (short) article on the subject; and WHAT NOT TO DO -along with Our comments. check it out.


Although we’ve all done it, neither of the alternatives below are safe or healthy, but when all you want is to “enjoy” – well, you do what you gotta do; BUT now you can get Titan Smokescreen, which IS safer and healthier, for those times when you don’t have to just “make do”.

CokeCanPipe/ScreenFoil PipeScreen

Foil PipeScreen

So, the Red Paint will sizzle/melt/vaporize and get inhaled along with ashes into YOUR lungs! Scary,& not near as much fun as huffing paint(SIC)-BOTH ARE DANGEROUS.

The foil is created in such a way that microscopic pieces of aluminum will break away from the layered surface to also get inhaled directly into the lungs;

As a matter of fact, using Aluminum Foil made into a screen                                          IS ONE OF THE MOST UNHEALTHY/UNSAFE things you can do!                   PLEASE, avoid it at any cost – USE NOTHING, instead.

Titan Smokescreen is specifically designed to                                                 ELIMINATE THE DANGERS OF PIPE SCREEN USE!

’till next we meet, Be Happy.R


Hello, and Welcome to The Pipe Screen Proleptic*. A Blog.

Featured Products

Titan Smokescreen Featured Products

(*) Proleptic-Grk.- (adj./n.) (rhetoric) “of or relating to a rhetorical device by which objections are anticipated and answered in advance”.

So now that you know what that funny word means, let’s try to have some fun!               Humor, honesty, fairness and an open mind – given and expected.

The purpose of any blog or faq is to answer questions. Since we’ve all just come to accept that, up to now, our only choices in pipe “screens” ALL have their drawbacks; most people aren’t even sure what the questions are. As any good Proleptic will do, we’re going to try to both ask the question and provide the answers. Tall order.

So sit back, lite up and come along on this ride! We only have a general idea about how we want this to evolve, so please be patient. We really want to keep it interesting, relevant, and yes- fun. We’ll remain open to suggestions/feedback, since this is about YOU – your safe healthy enjoyment, so to speak. Yes, it’s also about our product. The more/better informed we all are, the better we can make choices.

YOUR CHOICES now include a quantum shift in how we all think about pipe “screens”. Notice How I keep quotating screens? It’s because “screens” includes more than just metal nowadays; not just metal or glass stars either but porcelain, aluminum foil and pebbles!

Titan Smokescreen, however, is like no pipe screen you’ve ever seen! (or felt). They’re made from high quality High Temperature Stainless Steel with a higher mesh count and larger diameter wire; they have a higher meltingpoint, no chemical coatings and a higher corrosion resistance level than other metal screens.

This all just means they’re safer healthier and much longer lasting.

It’s finally o.k to use a metal pipe screen again!

So, there you have it. It’ll be mostly about general info and debunking misconceptions -with a bit of Titan Smokescreen commercialism thrown in so you won’t feel neglected. Hopefully, we all learn something along the way. Come back often, enjoy- comment, share – whhhaaatevvvvver! Time for a snack, ’till next we meet.-R