NEW PACKAGING is finally here!

We are pleased to announce that our new “waxzr” packaging is finally here!

Now, with EVERY purchase, Titan Smokescreen users will receive a FREE concentrates “waxzr”.

Each of the four varieties has its own color (see the photo).

This is a $5.99 value (minimum…some retailers sell concentrate containers for much more).

So…get to your local retailer and get your FREE WAXZR and a restock of Titan Smokescreens.IMG_20150626_35716

Logo2013 Is Here!

We are really excited to announce Titan Smokescreen Logo2013

Support for the Titan Smokescreen has been wonderfull; with more and more Retailers and Consumers discovering that they can have it all - that it’s finally o.k. to use a metal pipe screen, because Titan Smokescreens are Safer Healthier and Longer Lasting.

Because of YOUR positive response, we’re moving ahead with an Update of Our Logo:

SAME GREAT DESIGN – BOLD NEW SEE-THROUGH LOOK!                              These new designs will be at Your Local Retailer Soon.

Thanks, again for YOUR support – Look for more exciting news and products soon.

’till next we meet. Be Happy. RTSlogoBlkTtext300whtBkg

TopLabel VapeTopLabel

Vaporizer News – New Product

Titan Smokescreens are GREAT for use in Vaporizers!                                             They last a REALLY LONG TIME! and we all know what a pain it can be to change out the screen in a vape. A lot of vapes take the 5/8″ or 3/4″ size screens, BUT… some require a larger, 1″, size. AND YOU’VE BEEN ASKING FOR IT! So, we listened.

Introducing the Titan VapeScreen!

Same Safer Healthier Longer Lasting High Temp Stainless Steel in a 1″ size.   Designed Specifically for Vaporizers that need a larger pipe screen.

Same Higher Melting Point, No Chemical Coatings, Tighter Mesh,                          Larger Diameter Wire and a MUCH Better Corrosion Resistance Level than ordinary brass or steel pipe screens with a COOL NEW LOOK!                                                    to set YOUR Titan VapeScreen apart from All The Others.

Ideal for use with not only Vaporizers but ANY Water Pipe. Why?                       Because a Better Corrossion Resistance Level means that water/liquids               WON’T corrode your Titan VapeScreen/Smokescreen the way it will ordinary pipe screens.

So look for the Specially Marked Packages of Titan VapeScreen at YOUR local Retailer

’till next we meet, BE HAPPY.R

Titan VapeScreen Logo

Titan VapeScreen Logo



And Now For Something Completely Different…

As I mention in Here We Grow Again, growth comes in many ways.

We are pleased to announce a Fun New Product                                                   Limited Edition Titan Smokescreen Earrings!

These earrings are Delightfull Fashion Items in themselves,                                         but they also have a practical side.                                                                             Each earring includes in its design an ACTUAL Titan Smokescreen!

Now, the point isn’t really to provide a pipe screen for use- but in a pinch…

This IS Fashion Jewelry. Just like rings with leafs, or spoons, beltbuckles, etc…         each design subtly incorporates your Titan Smokescreens.

These Limited Edition Earrings are currently                                                              ONLY AVAILABLE AT:                                                                                                      Both Brazil Discount Tobacco Locations                                                                 visit Find A Retailer for location details

I’m including some photos, but designs will change -


Crystals- various colors





Let us know what you think.    Comments & Suggestions Welcome             Purchases, even better.

’till next we meet. Be Happy!