It’s Only Rock N Roll-But I Like It!

I dont normally post “personal” stuff to our company sites, but this deserves an exception.


Catherine and I were fortunate beyond wishes;  we got lucky just getting the specially priced $85 tickets to begin with – THEN, when we got to Staples, WE WERE UPGRADED TO THE TONGUE PIT!

The concert was AMAZING! These guys are in their 70′s and (Mick in particular) didnt stop moving for 3 hours! Talk about stamina. No intermissions, special guests or ANY other distractions. They just played straight-ahead RnR like it really was their “last time”. Being the last concert in L.A., they could have had their pick of special guests etc… but they didnt.

Catherine has been a Stones fan(atic) since childhood, and has seen them a dozen or more times – her “dream” has been to see them in “The Pit”; so this was a very big nite for her. if you want to see more pics/vids of the concert go to her fb page

Not only were they close enuf to touch(except for the security people) but I happened to get a pic of the “Playlist” b4 the the concert started (a bit of a spoiler, i kno, but it was cool).

Just a few photos here to wet ur appetite.