The White House Responds

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Several months ago I sent an email to The White House about the prohibition on cannabis use; and President Obama’s actions versus his stated campaign positions.

Much to my surprise, I just received a reply on White House letterhead (POTUS did not respond personally, of course!). Standard blah-blah-blah about how bad it would be to treat cannabis the same as alcohol; regulated, taxed, etc… . I’m including a copy here- please feel free to copy/paste the links and actually read this doublespeak.

White House Response

White House Response

It’s really too bad that so much of the HOPE and CHANGE (remember these?) that was THE PROMISE has just turned out to be “business as usual”; campaign rhetoric.

False Hope?

False Hope?

Case in point, The War On Drugs. Guess this is one of those issues that IS bi-partisan; how is it they can agree on something soooo wrong and can’t seem to get together on things like budgets?Anyway, even if it is BS – it’s kinda cool to get a response on WH letterhead.This is not a political blog – religion & politics will not be a focus, but let’s be real – the cannabis issue IS PURELY POLITICAL. It is the PharmaIndustry, Textiles and Law Enforcement that have the most to lose; they are some of the biggest lobbyists in D.C.

It may be an uphill battle, but we’re “WINNING!” and they don’t like it – cornered animals fight the hardest, they know it’s just a matter of time and they’re doing everything possible to delay the inevitable.

Do whatever YOU can to help. Write letters to POTUS (you might get your own letter!), congress people, join anti-prohibition groups (NORMAL, Moms For Marijuana, MJ Policy Project, etc… – these can all be accessed thru our Google+ pages .

The sooner we act like responsible adults the sooner they’ll be forced to treat as a such.

’till next we meet. Be Happy. R



Our Mission

We at Titan Smokescreen are dedictated to changing the existing consumer mindset that says, unlike everything else in their life, they have no real choice when it comes to  pipe screen use.

Our Mission is to provide pipe users with a high quality alternative that is Safer Healthier and Longer Lasting than any other pipe screen on the market today.

Our Message: It’s O.K. to use a metal pipe screen! It’s actually the best alternative available and it’s better to use a metal pipe screen than nothing; but you have to choose the right metal pipe screen.

Titan Smokescreen IS that “right” metal pipe screen; it’s Safer Healthier and Longer Lasting than any other pipe screen because it:

  1. has a higher melting point
  2. a tighter mesh
  3. no chemical coatings
  4. better corrosion resistance (vapes/water pipes)
  5. stays in place better
  6. allows for proper air flow
  7. keeps smoking material/ash from entering bowl/stem better
  8. doesn’t clog as easily

The fact is that using a pipe screen is a good thing; but with poor alternatives, many have turned completely away from their use or tried other types that all have serious drawbacks.

For a more in-depth look at all of these issues please delve deeper into The Proleptic. You can also visit our About page FAQs at

Our Mission may be to change consumer’s minds, but CHOICE is our real business!

’till next we meet, Be Happy.R